Episode 6

When Love is a (Real) Company Value

Jeff Winter is the Chief Marketing Officer of Rocket Software, a B2B tech company that helps companies innovate using the data and tech they already have. Rocket serves customers across the Fortune 50 and has a global presence. Jeff has had a prolific career including senior marketing roles at SAP and IBM before joining Rocket.

Episode synopsis

In this episode, Jeff and Erica talk about company values, how they can be lived by the marketing team and how there is still room to bring in function-specific values without colliding with corporate values.  Jeff also shares the various initiatives at Rocket to improve diversity of all kinds, including the RIDE initiative and their journey to operationalize and measure the impact of diversity as a part of everyday culture.

Highlights include:

  • When Empathy, Humanity, Trust, and Love are your corporate values
  • How Marketing leaders can take the larger corporate values and create their own functional values to complement them
  • Working with all kinds of diversity – be it regional, gender, experience, or ethnic diversity – it’s always a work in progress but there are ways to structure it and measure its impact. Jeff shares details of how Rocket is working towards operationalizing diversity and measuring its impact – including the creation of a new initiative called RIDE (Rocket Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity)
  • Ageism in tech and why it needs more conversation
  • Experience diversity: when we should look outside the obvious areas to hire B2B marketing talent (and when we should not)
  • Jeff’s insights on the 3 things you can do to build a more high quality, diverse team

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